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To create high quality paints, inks and adhesives, our customers will need the best chemical solutions. Here at WWRC, we pride ourselves on producing innovative chemical solutions to meet the needs of our customers in the industry.

Through our global network, we help customers source for high quality chemicals that is used to produce their excellent products. Such products range from industrial and decorative paints, printer inks, and even superglue. WWRC, will offer technical expertise and qualified sales representatives to recommend the best chemicals necessary for the production of paints, inks and adhesives.

Resins / Intermediates
  • Amino Resins
  • Alkyd Resins
  • Petroresins
Pigment / Fillers / Extenders
  • Goldbronze Powder
  • Mica (Micronized)
  • Silica Powder/Crystabolite
Additives / Catalysts
  • High Alumina Cement
  • Benzoin (Powder Coating)
  • Aromatic Isocyanate
Other Chemical Solvents
  • ESBO
  • Paraffin Wax
  • S-Butylacetate (SBAC)

Click here to download the full list of materials we offer to the Paints Inks and Adhesives Industry.