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Over the years, WWRC has helped many customers achieve their goals. Here are some successes we have accomplished through close collaboration with both our customers and partners.


WWRC strives to attend to the needs of our customers and to fulfil their requests at the highest standards.

This was exemplified when a European customer with a Singapore production facility approached us to help find an alternate source of Adipic Acid (AA) for their Singapore plant. Furthermore, they were highly interested to use an Asian source of AA.

WWRC provided fast coordination of samples and evaluation, and managed clear communications between the customer, supplier and WWRC. In addition to the speedy work, WWRC ensured that the quality of the AA was of high calibre, living up to itscore value – credibility.

Thanks to WWRC’s quick action, the customer was able to obtain the necessary items at competitive pricing for their production facility and in a timely manner.

Distribution and Logistics – Synthomer

Since the early 20th century Synthomer has continually increased its presence in Asia, establishing its own production, R&D and marketing facilities in Malaysia, Vietnam and China.

Alongside the major investment in infrastructure and facilities,

Synthomer has established extensive partnerships with some of the region’s biggest distributors to ensure our customers receive the best possible service.

Through their partnership with WWRC, Synthomer is able to better serve the needs of customers in Asia and now thanks to the support and expertise of the WWRC team sells parts or the full range of its functional polymer and construction and coatings products in 6 countries in the region.

Distribution and Logistics – Nanya Plastics Corporation

Nanya Plastics Corporation (NPC) is the world’s largest manufacturer of secondary plastics in terms of production capacity, and is a leading manufacturer of polyester fibres and copper clad laminates of electronic materials. In addition, they arethe sixth largest private company in Taiwan in terms of market capitalisation, and have achieved a 2013 net sale of NTS$187billion.

NPC has forged a strong partnership with WWRC for over the past 10 years. This partnership has seen WWRC play a key strategic role in NPC’s success in selling Epoxy resins in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. This is testament to the trust shared between both parties.