October 4, 2013


Categories: Golf Charity

Charity Golf 2013

The inaugural Worldwide Resins & Chemical (WWRC) Charity Golf Tournament hosted at Kota Permai Golf & Country Club turned out to be a hugely successful event and left the participants with their spirits high.

The tournament’s patron, Teoh Weng Chai, said they were more than happy to “give something back” to the community through golf and that they intended to make the event an annual one.

He added: “While we are enjoying a good game of golf, let us all remind ourselves the main purpose why we are here. Charity is one of the greatest gifts one can do for the needy and underprivileged and that is why we have chosen the theme: ‘Charity from the Heart’.

“The main purpose of organizing this charity golf event is to raise fund that shall be donated to needy organizations that are well-managed, organized and their funds utilized in a responsible way. “

Teoh said the charities selected this year are the Taiwan Buddhist Tzu-Chi Foundation of Malaysia, Hospis Malaysia, Malaysian Care, Holistic Integrated Services Berhad and Asperger Development Malaysia Berhad.

WWRC committed RM100,000 to the event and Teoh said: “Let me take this opportunity to express my utmost appreciation to all the sponsors who have contributed either in case or in kind to this cause.

“You generosity goes a long way to helping these charity organisations and shall certainly keep us all encouraged to continue with this cause.”